Malta Reunion - October 2014

The next Malta Reunion will be held in October 2014

Updates by the organiser/s will be published here

It is more than likely that some people you may know from your Verdala days may not have registered their email address in the Guest Book or Roll Call. Please kindly pass on this information to those people accordingly.

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Pauline Mendez (Organiser) Mon, 22 Sep 2014 14:38 GMT +0

Hi - not long now.......

Just to remind you that the first event is on Monday 6th October on the top floor of the Plaza Hotel (where the majority of people are staying). The view is amazing! The start time is 7pm and the idea is for everyone to meet up and get to know one another again and have a buffet supper with drinks.

On the night we will find out how many people need transport for the bus from the Plaza to the school and then onwards to the Waterfront for lunch on the Wednesday. We can also discuss the rest of the events happening during the week. As it stands at the moment we have the following numbers:-

24/5?.......staying at the Plaza
10 .......staying in apartments
6 .......staying at the Victoria
2 .......staying at the Preluna
2 .......staying at the Hilton
4 .......staying at the Portview Guesthouse
3 .......residents 52 in total

- although 3 of this number will only be joining us for the final dinner at the Water Polo Club.

For the afternoon tea with champagne at the Phoenicia on the Tuesday we have 20+ but if more people wish to join us you can let us know on Monday evening.

We will be showing you the options for the dinner on Monday evening and we will be asking you for your selections then so we can inform the restaurant.

If anyone wants to contact me for more information please do so.
See you all soon - remember to bring a name badge with dates and house (if you remember which one).

Pauline Mendez (Organiser) Thu, 03 Jul 2014 08:18 GMT +0

Hi again
I forgot to add the link for Tony's blog in order to sign up and pay via Pay Pal so here it is:
Please do this as soon as possible. As soon as each person has paid for what they want to do they will get a confirmation response. Tony will then be able to keep an eye on who has paid and for what and put it all on a spreadsheet!!
Pauline Mendez (Organiser) Wed, 02 Jul 2014 15:50 GMT +0

Time is marching on and we are now at the time of having to pay for stuff. On Tony's blog he has link for us to use. Please visit this site NOW and fill in the necessary bits that are of interest to you. Make sure you have booked everything you want to do and check the final box at the end and you will get the updated price on what you owe. Tony will know who has paid for what. This way we will know in advance how many people want to have the supper/drinks on the first night, the number for the Phoenicia afternoon tea with champagne - (we get a discount for 10 or more people) and the numbers for the Popeye Village and/or the Megalithic Temples. The evening Dinner on the Friday is for 3 courses but does not include the alcohol. GET BOOKING.......
Pauline Mendez (Organiser) Mon, 16 Jun 2014 11:27 GMT +0

Hi - more update........
Tony Foote has now added a new site which you will find underneath the update form. mymaltablog etc - click on this and you will find the information on what is being planned regarding the reunion. He has organized a few extra things for us to do if we wish. If you are interested then please sign up accordingly - this needs to be done in advance. For any monies needed then he is setting up a Pay Pal Account and having seen what people are signing up to he will issue individual invoices. These MUST be paid for in advance as we will need to book, and transport will be needed in most cases. The Dinner has to be paid in the form of a 50% deposit which will not be returnable but the balance will be returnable in the case of emergencies - 15 euros. The only thing that will be outstanding for payment will be the alcohol/soft drinks at the dinner. The lunch will be paid for by the individual as that gives them the free choice of restaurant after the school visit. The dinner on the Black Pearl (not lunch as stated) has yet to be sorted out - it will depend on numbers and whether we need to book the meal in advance. We feel that as we have to pay the hotel balances in advance - approximately 6 weeks - then that may be the best time to collect all the other money too, leaving mostly sundries to sort out on the day.
It is now half way through June so the Malta visit is getting nearer.... :-)))
Pauline Mendez (Organiser) Thu, 12 Jun 2014 13:47 GMT +0

Hi again after a long absence due to technical problems with the site which Alastair has now sorted. I also had my son's wedding to get over!! Now back to business......Tony Foote is doing something for us to enable people to sign up to various things in advance whilst we are in Malta - your choice and not compulsory. Watch this space :-)
A couple of changes have been made to the itinerary in October -

Monday 6th.......Welcome cocktail party followed by supper in the Plaza
Tuesday 7th......Masonic evening for those gentlemen interested
Wednesday 8th....School visit followed by lunch at the Waterfront
Friday 10th......Dinner at the Ta'Xbiex Water Polo Club

The SUPPER on the Monday will be 15 euros including free local drinks.
The LUNCH on Wednesday will be paid for on the day by the individual as we have the choice of several restaurants from which to choose - all next to one another on the pavement! Or inside if you wish depending on the weather.
The DINNER is a set menu costing 30 euros pp - we did not include alcohol as we felt people would prefer to buy their own on the night.
The menu will be circulated well in advance and people will be able to select their choices from this. The restaurant will take into consideration any dietary intolerances. When filling out the required option please mention any requests and KEEP A NOTE OF YOUR ORDER......WE WILL AS WELL. A 50% deposit will be required for this.

Tony will be setting up a Pay Pal account and people will be required to pay the necessary deposit for the meal at the Polo Club in advance. There will be a cut off date for this to which people will have to strictly adhere. Doing it this way means we do not have to collect cheques etc and change them into euros etc. Tony will be able to see who has paid and therefore confirmed and then pay the restaurant directly. The balance will be paid sometime on the night - probably in advance - so then the only thing that people will have outstanding is the wine/drinks bill. We will probably collect the balance at some stage during the first night and keep hold of it in case anyone has to cancel at the last minute in which case they will most likely get their balance returned to them.....but not the original deposit.

A selection of excursions etc. from which to choose (if you wish)

Tuesday 7th .........Afternoon tea with champagne at the Phoenicia
27 euros

Thursday 9th.........Visit to the Popeye village and dinner on the
Black Pearl in Ta'Xbiex

Saturday 11th........Visit to the Megalithic Temples of Malta
including Hagar Qim and Hypogeum of Hal-Safliena

Although I have put these dates by the side they have not been decided on - only if people want to do them. We can organise transport depending on the numbers.

There is also the City Sightseeing Bus Tour (North and South of the Island) and The Blue Grotto - early morning is best for this. There are also various boat trips around the island and of course Gozo.

Enough from me for now - time is marching and the figures are looking very good - 43 CONFIRMED subject to last minute cancellation with a further possibility of another 13 subject to health one way and another.....

Please make sure that you all have adequate insurance for EVERYTHING!! Once deposits are paid these are not returnable.....mind you it is only a few euros, so 15 of these is probably only £12 or so! At the moment the dinner reservation is the only deposit we will need in the fairly near future. The deposit for the afternoon tea at the Phoenicia (if anyone wants that one) is needed a couple of weeks beforehand.

Hope everyone is looking forward to this reunion......
Pauline Mendez (Organiser) Sat, 15 Mar 2014 11:49 GMT +0


.......To keep a check on numbers I am going to be emailing everyone shortly who has signed up as interested to email me directly giving the following information:

Also please confirm with me if you have booked via Joe at Malta Direct so I can keep an eye on the numbers in order for everyone
booking to get the discount he mentioned. (We do need 25 from Malta Direct)

I know some people have already confirmed but when you get the email please re-confirm with me with the above information.
Thanks -
Pauline Mendez (Organiser) Wed, 26 Feb 2014 17:12 GMT +0

.........When emailing me with your confirmation of bookings etc please include any food intolerances/allergies to enable us to inform the restaurants in advance. If this is not done beforehand it will not be possible to ensure that this is taken into consideration...... vegetarian, gluton and wheat free, lactose intolerant, shell fish etc.
Pauline Mendez (Organiser) Wed, 26 Feb 2014 10:28 GMT +0

MALTA 14..........This is a reminder to all of those people who have indicated they would be interested in the reunion in Malta 14 to make sure they get themselves booked sooner rather than later. I discovered by waiting a couple of weeks that the prices had already gone up!! We are sitting on 11 confirmed bookings with Malta Direct with hotel included. We do need 25 people booking with Malta Direct for the discount to be honoured (£25 per person) In and around 50+ people are expected although not all are using the flight/hotel option. It is not compulsory to stay at the Plaza - ALL of the Malta Direct hotels (and self catering properties) are included in the offer. AS SOON AS YOU HAVE BOOKED please email me directly regardless of where you are staying or how you are getting there in order that I can keep an eye on the numbers. Tony will need to know numbers in order for him to book the restaurant for the dinner and also any buses necessary to get us there.....
Apparently there is another Malta School reunion being organised by ANOTHER LIZ!! This one is the school that NOW has the name VERDALA but it is NOT has been picked up on FACEBOOK and some of our people have signed up to it. However, Martin Powell picked this up and alerted us!! Well done Martin :-))
Pauline Mendez (Organiser) Thu, 23 Jan 2014 16:28 GMT +0


Adrian Besley (attending the reunion) has a farmhouse in MUNXAR, GOZO. It has 4/5 bedrooms with 5 bath/shower rooms, swimming pool, washing machine, dishwasher etc.........

Great for relaxing etc either before, during or after the reunion!
SPECIAL LESS-THAN-OFF-SEASON RATES for a group of up to 8 ex VERDALANS sharing for a week or thereabouts.

Website undergoing refurbishment at present but the farmhouse can be seen at

Further details from Adrian himself at

Pauline Mendez (Organiser) Tue, 21 Jan 2014 15:54 GMT +0

For those of you wishing to stay at the Plaza Hotel on a B & B basis but NOT using the discounted flight/hotel deal I have today got this information and OFFER from the hotel Sales and Marketing Manager - MR. ROBERT ATTARD - but it MUST be booked BEFORE 31st January '14. This might help those of you travelling from further afield and not able to use Malta Direct flights.

TWIN INLAND ROOM........25 euros pppd B & B
SINGLE .................36 euros pd B & B

SIDE SEAVIEW UPGRADE.... 6 euros per room daily
FRONT " " " "....16 euros per room daily
SUPERIOR " " "....22 euros per room daily


If anyone wishes to do this you MUST deal with the hotel directly quoting VERDALA 14 and deal with Mr. Attard as quoted above.
The hotel telephone number is 0035621341295 and you need Sales and Marketing - option 3 I think!
Please remember these prices are valid until the 31st January '14.

Pauline Mendez (Organiser) Fri, 17 Jan 2014 15:32 GMT +0

Quick reminder for people - it is very important for EVERYONE - INCLUDING all ex-Verdalans resident in Malta to fill out the 'attendance form' even though they will not be using the flight/hotel part. It is very important for us to have an idea of who is interested VERY EARLY ON (like NOW......) for us to organise the venue for the Dinner and the welcome drinks for the best possible prices.
I have had feed back from someone who has already booked with Malta Direct via Joe on the number I have quoted, saying that he was more than helpful and got a very good price for a 10 day visit to the Plaza for 2 people on a B and B basis. Deposit was £200 GBP and included an excursion and a harbour get booking !!!
Pauline Mendez (Organiser) Tue, 14 Jan 2014 14:59 GMT +0

For those people wishing to book via Malta Direct - flight and hotel or flight and self-catering please note the following information in order to benefit from the discount.....
Having looked on line to see which hotel you may wish to book - it is your own personal choice - but most people will be in the Sliema area - please contact JOE at Malta Direct on 0207 341 5381 (group bookings) and quote VERDALA 14. (There is a wide range of hotels) Once we have a total of 25 people booking with Malta Direct the discount will be in place and deducted from the final payment of everyones booking......approximately £25 gbp per person. I have tried to negotiate a discount on single supplements so please talk to JOE about this when making your booking.
I would suggest a Bed and Breakfast basis as I seem to remember the last time it left people free to eat wherever and whenever they wished but it your own choice and only a suggestion!! I have been talking with the Manager at the Plaza because it is a middle of the road accommodation - 3* and most rooms have been updated since 2010. Also some people stayed there the last time. The Plaza is on the flat at the front but has a few steps and also a ramp to reception.
The main thing is to get your INSURANCE SORTED and then BOOK EARLY TO GET THE BEST DEAL.
The sooner we know numbers the sooner we can book the restaurant for the Dinner and get the best prices possible.

Pauline Mendez (Organiser) Mon, 13 Jan 2014 17:20 GMT +0

As soon as I have the final details for booking a package with Malta Direct - hotel and flight or self-catering and flight - please act on it asap - as the discount will not be as good the longer you wait nor will the availability. You will need to pay a substantial deposit so make sure you have the necessary travel insurance in place beforehand in case of any cancellations. The balance will be payable about 6 weeks before travel. Although I am dealing with the Plaza (3* hotel but recently updated) you are able to book the hotel or self-catering of your choice within the Malta Direct group (for the discount) If you choose somewhere else that is up to you. I will print (here) the direct phone number, person to speak with and the code you will need for the discount, in the next day or two. Also please fill out the attendance form on the Verdala site NOW as we need to know how many people are interested in order to have an idea of numbers for the restaurant for the dinner to enable us to try to get the best price possible. We can't do this until you let us know if you are interested in attending. As a rough guide - Monday 6 will be the first get-together for drinks etc, Thursday 9(?) for the dinner and Saturday 11 for the school visit followed by the lunch at a series of restaurants at the Waterfront. The rest of the time is free for people to do whatever they wish but Tony is making a list of things that may be of interest including the Tuesday 7 meeting for any interested fellow Masons. Any deposits needed for anything in Malta will be paid by individuals to Tony via Pay Pal and this will be put into a joint bank account with him and Rita Debattista (from Verdala) so that any bills/deposits needed can be paid directly via credit card.
Alastair Newman (Webmaster) Sun, 12 Jan 2014 10:42 GMT +0


Greetings to you all

Some of you may have noticed on the website that there will be a Verdala Reunion in Malta this year early in October.

The Organisers are Pauline Mendez and Tony Foote. Tony lives in Malta.

This Newsletter is to notify you all of the outline of the proposed plan so that you can organise time off from work if necessary and get flights and hotels sorted out in good time to avail the best possible prices. Arranging airline bookings and accommodation should certainly be cheaper if booked earlier and the organisers have arranged a special Group Booking discount scheme with Malta Direct. Flight schedules are out now and Pauline has made contact with Malta Direct to find out a rough idea of costs for B and B in the Plaza hotel in Sliema and flight. As a rough idea, for 2 people for 10 nights it is in the region of £500 per person sharing. They operate out of 19 airports in the UK. This is a great plus point. More details about this subject will be published on the website in the Malta Reunion October 2014 information section. If you wish to make your own arrangements and utilise other travel firms you are free to do so.

Here is an outline of the plan. More will be published on the website as things slot into place.

The current plan: Back to front this time!!!

A school visit is scheduled for Saturday 11th October 2014 followed by lunch at the Waterfront (series of restaurants all beside each other). A bus will be available for transport to and from venues.

The week beginning Monday 6th October (ending with the school visit on the 11th) is what we envisage for the welcome drinks and the dinner.

For anyone who is a Mason; on Tuesday 7th October, Tony Foote will organise a Masonic meeting for anyone interested. Please let Tony know in advance if you are interested.

This Newsletter has been sent to more than 500 ex Verdalans.

It would be extremely useful if you could commit and complete the Online Attendance Form now so that a reasonably accurate estimate of numbers can be established. Additionally, it will be financially beneficial for you to arrange your travel arrangements ASAP rather than later as discounts will lessen. Malta is a popular destination.

That’s it for now……. Please remember to keep your eyes on the Verdala website for further information as it is published.



Pauline Mendez:
Tony Foote:

Verdala website:

Alastair Newman Mon, 06 Jan 2014 14:20 GMT +0

This section of the website will be used by the 2014 Malta Reunion Organiser's to keep you updated of the plan and proposed events.

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